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Brett Lane Robertson (
Fri, 12 Dec 1997 05:21:39 -0500

The talk would consist of the following topics:
1. How the exchange of ideas that takes place over the internet, differs
from elsewhere. (ie. which ideas survive under conditions where force can't
be used).

Force IS used on the internet albeit in different forms.

2. How the concept of "unity" through critical argument differs from other
peace movements, (ie. hippies, etc.)

There is no unity through "argument".

3.A model of how belief systems affect society and how changes could take
place with the spread of the virus.


4. Memetics--the science of beliefs--how beliefs exist because they spread
well and how beliefs can get engineered to influence people.

If one holds the position that a meme has a "purpose" (that is, that it is
organized in such a way as to have a desired effect); then, one cannot
attribute purpose--in the same breath--to a person who might wish to thereby
ADD a personal purpose to that which already has purpose...that is, if memes
are purposeful, then one cannot engineer memes since to do so assumes that
the purpose of a meme is to be engineered.

5. How PCR is different from other idea systems, (ie justificationism vs.

There is no difference between justification and falsification...they are
two sides of "argument" (which is destructive)--the only distinction being
the bias or slant given to the words.

Then, a debate based on topics selected by the audience would be like an
"exposition" of dialectical discussion as one side takes one opinion, the
other takes another view, and then the opponents change sides to argue the
opposite position.
Any comments?

--David R.

No comments on the format but have included my disagreement with the
*content* above.



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