virus: Good and Bad

Sat, 13 Dec 1997 11:03:44 -0600

This is a story.

There once was an old man, sitting in a prison cell. As he
sat there on the stone floor, he conceived an abstracta. He
looked back on his life and examined all the times that people
had helped him out of his troubles, and all the times that
people had treated him fairly, and all the times that he had
seen or thought of a thing that made him happy, and he labeled
all of this good.

Similarly, he recalled all of the opposite times in his life,
and he labeled them bad.

And he decided that everyone should try to do good things, and
keep from doing bad things. Furthermore, he reasoned that if
everyone tried to do good things, and if everyone kept from
doing bad things, the world would be perfect.

Of course, people would have to be told what was good and what
was bad. In fact, they would need to be told almost from birth.
And some people still would do bad things. Other people might
not want anyone telling them what is good and bad. Those people
would have to be dealt with.

Thank good that looney was locked up.

Corey A. Cook

"And in the name of St. Gulik the Purple Sage did denounce all
those that would revile others in the name of their faith."