virus: Problems with email

Marie Foster (
Tue, 16 Dec 1997 09:47:58 -0800

Contrary to opinion, I have not dropped out here. I have been having
problems with sending email through Netscape and my own personal
internet account. So I am breaking with my ethics a bit here and using
my work connection to send the following. I am still getting your
discussion, I just will not be able to respond until I get things fixed.

David McFadzean wrote:
> At 10:25 PM 12/15/97 -0000, Robin Faichney wrote:
> >Umm, supernaturalists?
> I didn't know that was a word (until now). Would you agree that
> all theists are supernaturalists?
> >Don't you think maybe Webster's has less of an agenda --
> >is more objective -- than the Objectivists? :-)
> Probably. Another way to look at it is to find the common denominator
> in the websites listed here:
> It seems to me that mysticism is more closely related to magic,
supernatural and
> occult than intuitionism.

In my humble opinion, this has to do with our species desire to imagine, to
create stories, and weave thought into fabric with fantastic color. If we
think of things as the known and the unknown, all that mystics do or tarot
card readers, or magicians do, is suggest the mystery of life. Yes, in the
hands of charlatans, it can damage. But I often think of my friends who
get so incensed about gun control. They say, "It is not the weapon that
kills, it is the person."

I saw a license holder yesterday that had meaning for me. It said on the
top, "Get a grip". On the bottom it said, "It was just a lane change."

To me what is agrivating about discussions here or anywhere is the
anger we put on these memes... Atheism is better than theism kind of
arguments . It is all memes. None have any value. WE place value in
them. We use them to define us. Our memes are our own personal

So guys, get a grip. It is all memes. NOW there is an idea. How about a
bumper sticker? I think I will do that.