virus: One of Us

Wed, 17 Dec 1997 09:33:25 -0800

> From: Eric Boyd <>
> Subject: virus: One of Us

> Me, I've thought and thought and decided that I'd ask God about the weather
> tomorrow. Is it going to rain?
> Can anyone guess why? (here's a hint: I honestly don't care if it's going
> to rain tomorrow)

I think that asking God for next week's winning lottery numbers would be
a superior test of his omniscience (or at least precogniscience) and
would place significant financial resources at your disposal in the

Still, I don't know that I'd spend my one question testing God's
authenticity. I imagine that the situation posed in the song is one in
which you are face with Him in all his Glory, i.e. in a situation in
which it is obvious that you are in the presence of God.

I'd want the answer to my one question to be something that could
illiminate some deep-seated anxieties or dissatisfactions. I don't know
what that question would be.