virus: Re:Core beliefs

D.H.Rosdeitcher (
Tue, 23 Dec 1997 15:40:20 -0500

David McF wrote:

>I think the assertion (tentative of course :-) "the supernatural
>exists only in minds, myths and memes" is reasonably definitive
>of the CoV and sets us apart from most religions. I would also
>hasten to add that this in no way implies that the supernatural
>is irrelevant or has no effect on the world. Agree or disagree?

To say that the supernatural exists only in minds, myths, and memes, means
that the supernatural doesn't really exist, but only the concept or
meme-construct of it exists. The concept of the supernatural has an effect
on the world, but the supernatural does not. But, that's basically what you
meant, so I agree like a typical CoV convert. It's not easy to overthrow a
complex of memes from within that complex of memes. CoV is just another
evolutionary beast like most religions and other institutions. Agree or
disagree? --David R.