Re: virus: Re:Core beliefs

Wade T.Smith (
Tue, 23 Dec 97 16:42:58 -0500

> Lately I've been thinking of defining existence
>as a pattern that is instantiated in matter and/or energy, i.e. information
>manifested. Does that resonate with anyone else's intuitions?

Occam taps on my shoulder and says- 'Tell David he's multiplying
entities.' Of what use is intuition, for that matter, in matters of

If we can find it, it exists. If we can think about it, it is an idea. We
can then wax semantic and say that ideas exist because we do, and that's
as far as I go.

The fact that the supernatural is actually quite a massive restructuring
job on the universe does not seem to phase too many people. Then again,
they have no ideas, either.

The CoV should dare to call things by their real names, and beliefs be

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