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David McFadzean (
Tue, 23 Dec 1997 16:42:12 -0700

At 06:25 PM 12/23/97 -0500, D.H.Rosdeitcher wrote:

>So you're saying that the "public" can't grasp the notion that a phenomenon
>is different from a memetic construct of that phenomenon and you should
>therefore define 'existence' as a 'pattern instantiated in matter and/or

No, I'm saying that if someone who had never heard of the CoV or memes
went to the web page stating our core beliefs and saw "the supernatural
does not exist", there is a fair chance that they will disagree because
they think the supernatural does exist, at least in books and movies.
I'm just trying to avoid bad initial reactions.

>energy'. Why would that definition preclude the supernatural anymore than
>the current usage of the term does?

Which current usage?

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