virus: self and speech

SwiftRain (
Wed, 24 Dec 1997 02:22:08 -0500

Marie L. Foster wrote:
> However, to truly accept that one must give up the idea of *I*. I
> contend that no one here, other than myself, seems ready to relinquish
> that most fundamental faith...

to use the word "I" in a sentance condemning people for not
abandoning the concept of Self is certainly a bit ironic.

it *does* appear that Self is not anything which can be located or
percieved (and is thus is not a description of the world but a retreat
from it) -- but, if this is so, *why is it* that not a single thinker in
history has succeeded in abolishing the self/other distinction from
their *speech* as well as their thought?

can this be simply a matter of habit?

this task -- of abolishing the Self in speech -- has been actively
running itself through my brain over the past weeks. are there any
ideas, in the amassed brains of this list, which can add some
metaphorical fuel to this process?