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Marie L. Foster (
Thu, 25 Dec 1997 10:52:38 -0800

Ah... yes! And I would like to add another person to our list to consider
for our hall of fame. Antonio Vivaldi who wrote some of the world's most
glorious music. His life exemplified all that a person with the most
blindest of faiths can accomplish despite that life's limitations.

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>From: Robin Faichney <>
>Date: December 25, 1997 2:53 AM
>>(slightly nostalgic for the days when he had better things
>>to do on Xmas morning -- but looking forward to a family
>>meal this afternoon -- Merry Whatever to all!)
>Don't forget that Isaac Newton was born on this day 355 years ago.
>Merry Newtonmas everyone!
>David (who is still full from last night's feast)

Marie L. Foster