Re: virus: IAM what IAM and dats all what IAM

Tim Rhodes (
Fri, 26 Dec 1997 13:38:07 -0800

Wade T. Smith wrote:

> There is a most interesting theory about early language- specifically
> early Greek, since we have such a large extant record- which posits that
> the first languages were inclusive of words, song, and dance, that a
> phrase or a description would not be complete without all three. The
> theory goes a long way to define the origins of drama, and music, as well

> as the Greek language, especially of Homer, itself. It is, unfortunately,

> unprovable, but I would begin to contend that modern language is an
> entropic form of this, and like the edifice in Babel, lying in pieces at
> our feet. You take the de Chardin approach, and feel that this ideal
> state is yet to come, whilst I take the romantic view that it is
> forgotten. I am not unwilling to say unrecoverable, though. It is the
> driving force behind my view of aesthetics, for instance- this ability of

> communication to impart visceral knowledge.

I am actually with you in the "forgotten knowledge" camp on this as well.
I also see a renewed understanding of the value that may be gained by
reviving such knowledge and believe it is one of the forces at work in many
parts of the neo-pagan movements (be it Rave-culture, body piercing or
performance art).

> 'We find it hard, now, not [to] listen when a stranger's eyes speak to
> us, knowing that they are extensions of our greater selves.'
> Do you know I agree with this?

I thought you would. :-)

Which reminds me, before we get too far off the topic I'd like to get back
to something you said earlier regarding the church and drama. I have the
suspicion that you would agree with me that this church, CoV, should not
become a coldly intellectual Lutheran-like church, but would be better
served by encompassing and utilizing the power of drama as a means of
communication. You see I was only speaking half in jest many moons ago
when wrote of the "Church of Virus Snake Handlers Revival". To increase
its effectiveness I think it is important that we construct rituals that
are evocative and visceral. (Blood-soaked virgins dancing about an altar,
sacrificing the effigies of destructive memes in cleansing rituals and

In short, if CoV is to take hold, in addition to intellectual rigor, it
should also make for good TV.


-Prof. Tim