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Robin Faichney (
Sat, 27 Dec 1997 17:02:19 -0000

> From: Wade T.Smith[]
> - As the Buddha said from his deathbed to his favorite disciple
> Ananda,
> "Have no fixed beliefs, and find your own light."
> Is the above a correct quote (or at least a passage in something),
> BTW?
Those who, either now or after I am dead, shall be lamps unto
themselves, relying upon themselves only and not relying upon any
external help, but holding fast to the truth as their lamp, and seeking
their salvation in the truth alone, and shall not look for assistance to
any one besides themselves, it is they, Ananda, among my bhikkhus
[followers], who shall reach the very topmost height! But they must be
anxious to learn.

The Gospel of Buddha, compiled by Paul Carus.