Re: Fw: virus: IAM what IAM and dats all what IAM

Wade T.Smith (
Mon, 29 Dec 97 21:27:24 -0500

>> Well, I do not want there to be a PR man for this place. (Incidently,
>> where are we?) I want people to approach it without seeing it.
>What do you mean by this, Wade? Do you mean you want people to "happen
>upon" CoV, rather than hear about it and go find the website?


> Do you mean
>you want them to be led to the ideas we (on average) espouse, without
>realizing where they're headed?

Also yes.

>Or something else?

And that too.


I am reminded of how I found most of the things I've found- from off-hand
mentions in books, articles, or papers- from just picking one shelf in a
library and grabbing some volumes- to doing focussed searches for
specific ideas.... Et cetera, hopefully ad infinitum. At any rate, they
all came from my own interests and curiosity.

I am also reminded of how I think I remember many of us came to be here-
from specific searches on topics, from random linking, to sheer

A PR person plans the information. I would gladly shoot the PR person. PR
is censorship.

(Addendum- having met Bernays, who remained remarkably lucid in his later
years, I can say with some personal authority that PR as it is known
today is not his child. I can also say he may well be the true forgotten
father of what some of us here seem to call memetics.... I reserve
judgment as to whether, granted the opportunity of a time machine, I
wouldn't shoot him anyways....)

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