Re: virus: Subliminals

Wade T.Smith (
Tue, 30 Dec 97 16:33:07 -0500

> My understanding that there are not subliminal influences in visual
>art, or in backmasking. I saw PBS speceial on that subject once, and the
>determination was that if you cant pick it out, neither can your
>subconscious. I think that in music it is more likely, but it can be
>picked out. Backmasking was shown to have 0 (zero) effect. Is there
>something I am missing here?

No, we are not missing anything here- Brodie is manufacturing, probably
for some personal gain, from what I can deduct.

I think he is attempting to imbue some memetic importance to the (so far)
falsified effects of subliminal advertising.

Now- the visceral and emotive responses to a dramatic (or sonata, or
melodic) form are measurable and have been shown. If this is what he
means, I misunderstood him. But- since he continually asks us to
investigate web sites for rehearsing pickup lines, I don't think I am
misunderstanding him....

I have no idea what he thinks we are being forced to do when we see his
invisible phalluses, and I wish he would start telling us.

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