RE: virus: FW: The Webs Most Well Kept Secret

Gifford, Nate F (
Tue, 30 Dec 1997 17:13:15 -0500

At 11:32 AM 12/30/97 -0800, Eva-Lise Carlstrom wrote:
>I prefer not to have Virus Brand Propaganda associated in people's
>with a tinned pork product.


I thought that was the point of C.O.V....that you pick your favorite
isms with the same hardware/OS that you use for your more mundane life

My point was that memetic rules can be generated to make SPAM

If we were to try a "push" paradigm for C.O.V. then we would need a
way to document which fish were caught with which hook. Data about specific
hooks could be used by the members who occasionally suggest getting

I'm sorry if I shifted focus off your web project ... which I think
is very worthy ...but, as long as we're thinking of projects I wanted to
suggest a mechanism for generating pathogens/antigens. I realize that
ethically its a bit dicey .... on par with generating flu strains and
inoculating random farm animals .... but the right research protocol could
get around also seems to me that PR firms and Ad agencies must be
performing similar experiments ... or will be soon.

I still haven't found out if C.O.V. is the vector for The Webs Most
Well Kept Secret ... does anyone have any idea how one's name winds up on
the spam lists? This is the first spam I've received since I quit posting
to news groups a couple of years ago.