Re: virus: Subliminals

Tim Rhodes (
Wed, 31 Dec 1997 02:17:13 -0800

>From Wade T.Smith, December 30, 1997:

> Clipped from the Skeptic's Dictionary, another web resource....
> If we restrict the term 'mind control' not only to those cases where a
> person controls another person's thoughts or actions without their
> consent,

Thus excluding all forms of persausion (sales, seduction, and such) from
discussion. And isn't it "influence" not "control" we were talking about,

> The techniques available to manipulate the vulnerable are legion. One
> technique is to give them love, the love they feel they do not get
> elsewhere. Convince them that through you and your community they can
> find what they're looking for, even if they haven't got a clue that
> they're looking for anything. Convince them that they need faith in
> you and that you have faith in them.

Thank you, Wade, for this very useful contribution to the direction the
infomercial should take. :-)

> It seems then, that if we define mind control as the control of the
> thoughts and actions of another without their consent mind control
> exists only in fantasy.

But we are not brutes here, my friend. We have no desire to "control" them
without their consent. After all, a slave who puts himself in chains is so
much less likely to rebel.

(And this is the very foundation of our economy here in the States, truth
be known.)

-Prof. Tim