Re: Fw: virus: IAM what IAM and dats all what IAM

Wade T.Smith (
Wed, 31 Dec 97 16:42:02 -0500

>I'm a big fan of the Ideohazard(tm) as well, but let's face it--you can't
>sell Dilbert salt shakers until you have a Dilbert. The icon moves the
>product in this culture, not the other way round.
>If you know cases that disprove this, then please, /bring on your

Ah, well, I wonder at this. Moxie, for instance, was it a soft drink or
an attitude? The pairing of an icon with a product does nevertheless
require some object to pair the icon with first. Did salt shakers come
before Dilbert? No. When I was a child, I needed a lunch box. I was given
the opportunity to pick out my own. I picked a Hopalong Cassidy one, cuz
he was my hero at the time- later I picked a Zorro one. Would I pick up a
CoV lunch box today (if I needed one) and take the time to explain to
people what the hell it meant, since no immediate 'brand' recognition was
available? Yes. Which came first? Some products come out before brand
recognition is possible- it is the product that is the real key for me.
It's nice to have action figures, (you may well consider them icons first
and playthings afterwards), but real working objects with iconography-
that's the key. To me, the real working object comes first.

>> Well, I do not want there to be a PR man for this place. (Incidently,
>> where are we?) I want people to approach it without seeing it.

>As objective a fellow as you must see, that in order for someone to stumble
>upon something, there must be something in their path for them to stumble

And the operative word is stumble. I never said nothing was there to
stumble on, just that the path to it should not be littered with road

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