The following is a draft Transhumanist principles that has been put forward and discussed by a group of Transhuman list members. The idea of writing the Principles belongs to Alex Bokov, who has also been a major driving force in the discussions. Other participants include Anders Sandberg, Rich Artym, Nancie Clark, Romana Machado, Sasha Chislenko, Mark A. Plus, and Christopher T. Brown. The purpose of these Principles is to define a "consensus platform" of Transhumanism that would allow us to see what ideas and goals we have in common as a group, and to present them to people trying to understand what this transhumanism is all about. This purpose apparently cannot be achieved by a small group of people, so the following document is just a draft that as we hope will be discussed and modified on the list, after which we can agree on the first "official" version of Principles. The point of preliminary discussion was to spare the list members from a flood of technical details. The complete archive of the discussion is currently available at You are welcome to take part in the discussion of the principles and read the archive of our previous discussions.
Transhuman Principles 1.0a - DRAFT 1.0  (group focus document).

1. Transcend!

    Strive to remove the evolved limits of our biological and
intellectual inheritance, the physical limits of our environment, and
the cultural and historical limits of society that constrain individual
and collective progress.

2. Pragmatism.

    Use whatever tools prove effective toward this goal. Technology,
and the intellectual disciplines used to develop it, are currently among
the most effective such tools.

3. Memetic propagation.

   Support the proliferation of transhumanist principles and goals,
consciously setting an example that others may follow or promoting the
principles of transhumanism directly.  Spread awareness of the dangers of
technophobia, coercion, anti-humanism and other destructive ideologies.

4. Achievement.

   Whether seeking health, fitness, intellectual goals, or financial
or social success or political accomplishment, strive to achieve your
individual ambitions.  Cooperate with other innovators and optimists to
reach goals both personal and global.

5. Diversity.

   Promote human efforts to grow and adapt to an ever-changing universe.
Tolerate people of all schools of thought that do not seek to limit the
extent or variety of your achievement. Discourage any attempts to impose
will or ideas through coercion.

6. Evolution.

   These principles should evolve, in order to address the needs of
future Transhumanity; but resist any change in the principles that
limits transhuman activity.