Re:virus: Virus, Economics and Evolution

Todd M Kuipers esq (
Thu, 4 May 1995 17:53:33 -0600

>So what about the current economic paradigms used by governments and
>mainstream economists. They seem to be somewhat lacking. Is this
>institutional lag or is it a built in blind spot?

As far as mainstream public administrators go, clueless is the operative
word. The idea that everyone has perfect trading knowledge, so as to
efficiently support a clearing market, was the norm. This generally worked
well because in more complex markets (stock, commodities) very few people
actually traded, ie the few traders their we're generally had some modicum
of perfect knowledge. Now when anyone from a commodities broker to a
knuckle dragging gorilla (look at what it take to be financial
trader/advisor) has the power to enact trades, the knowledge of what
actually goes on is highly imperfect, meaning chaotic, and much more similar
to a biological system, hence the wide fluctuations we've seen in world
markets in the last twenty years. Policy makers are still trying to control
highly complex systems with non-complex strategies, and are royally shafting
everyone in the process. I guess back to your question, it's an
institutional lag. There is some very interesting work going on at the
University of Chicago, with more complex, heuristic, and comprehensive models.

>You can show us on Sunday. Who is bringing the holy book? By the way
>what is our holy book? (Don't even think about making it _Nanosystems_ :-))

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