Fri, 18 Aug 95 11:35:00 CDT

From: David McFadzean
Subject: Re:
Date: Friday, August 18, 1995 9:37PM

>At 07:20 AM 8/18/95 CDT, you wrote:

>>Show me evidence of the earth being four billion years old. Also, there is

>>evidence pointing out a world-wide flood!

>I will gladly show you the evidence if you tell me what kind of evidence
>would convince you.

Well documented unbaised information, from a well educated scientist. I
would like to see fact. I would like to see evidence of it being applied
today. I would like to meet the man who lived four-billion years to tell me
how the earth was formed. Show me any un-biased factual information, with
98% accurate (I'm not going to even bother with 100% just to give you a
chance), unrefutable, science being applied in it's discovery. Who is right?
Why can we not teach evolution as a possibility and just as well teach
creation as a possibility? I believe i am right for more reasons than
science can "prove" or "disprove", but my experiences don't count, and are
either explained as fanatical or some scientist thinks he can explain
everything, not to mention the fact that so many people have proclaimed so
much GARBAGE "in Jesus name" to either discredit Him, or take advantage of

If a person can say that my scientists don't count, then I could just as
easily say that theirs don't count. So please don't use the reference to the
fact that because they are a Christian they are biased, and they tamper with
the evidence. First of all, a lot of people you encounter claim to be
Christians, you might not know it, but they think they are. The Christian
banker, teacher, garbageman, police officer, or the businessman is just as
credable and actively involved in life as any other. They are people with
their bias in a different direction than anyone else. There is no way one
can say they are not biased, or els ethey would not be able to amke any
decisions. Every little happening in a persons life influences their view on
LIFE. This would explain why evolutionists try to discredit the scientific
evidence that creationists have brought about. They are biased, either for
evolution or against Christians (more often the latter) or else they would
use the information to reform their ideas and their way of thinking to try
new approaches to the science of evolution, using the dicoveries of
Christians. Often they change the evidence to fit their needs. Yes,
creationists use this tactic also at times, but with the same ,or I find at
times, even less biased view than evolutionists do. The main point of
creation science is not to prove capital 'G' God, but to prove evolution
false, and to get scientists to rethink their methods... Enough, I will
finish my response below.

>Do you know how much water it would take to flood the whole world?

A lot. (Gen 1:6).

>Do you believe in the story of the ark?

Yes. If I didn't then why should I believe anything the Bible says?

>Do you believe Noah took a male and female of every insect species in the
world on his boat?

I believe he took whatever God sent to Noah.

>If so, the weight of the insects alone would be more than the boat.

So. Cement boats float... Inflatable rafts weigh 10lbs. yet I can float
500lbs across a pond or down a river in it...
What is the point?

>Do you believe stars exist?

Yes. They are in the Bible too...

>How far away do you think they are?

Really far... It doesn't matter, it isn't relevant or contradictory to my

>Less than 4500 light years? Or do you think light travels at
>different speeds depending on God's whim or do you think the stars
>aren't actually there and God shot the light at Earth from 4000
>light years away to make it look like there are stars out there?

As above. I don't think God is worried about shooting beams of light at the
earth. God put the stars into existance, it is found in the Bible. You will
also find that God made the light before the stars. God was not 4000 light
years away from the earth when He did all of this. Genises states that he
was hovering over the surface of the deep. True empiracle science in no way
contradicts the Bible, if that is what you are trying to get at. I don't
have the answers for everything and will not pretend to. By the same token,
no one except for God has the answers to everything, whether He exists or

Thank you for your time,
In Him,