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David McFadzean (
Fri, 18 Aug 95 15:15:00 CDT

At 04:00 PM 8/18/95 CDT, you wrote:

>>Yes, I am ignorant of many things. Are you implying that you know
>>or that my ignorance of some things somehow disqualifies my knowledge?
>No. It just makes your logic incomplete.

I don't think lack of knowledge about how the big bang started or
how evolution really works makes my logic incomplete. Logically
speaking, you have just committed a non sequitur.

>Does my belief in Christ as my Lord, and the fact that I have a personla
>relationship with Him disqualify the fact that I have seen His healing
>power, know His presence, and can comprehend creation, make my knowledge
>illogical and worthless?

Your faith seems to blind you to science. You have rejected out of
hand every piece of evidence I've given you, claiming it isn't really
evidence or not really a fact. Look at the definition you gave me:

>Fact: Something put forth as objectivly real; Something objectively
>verified; Something with real, demonstrable existence; The quality of being
>real or actual.

The distance of the stars and the age of the earth have been objectively
verified. They are facts by your own definition. These facts refute
the evidence of the bible. Which part don't you understand?

>Is our knowledge really the truth? Who can define it? Who has the right?

There is no way to know whether our knowledge is really the truth.
However, and this is very important, we can tell when our knowledge
is not the truth. If you believe the earth is only a few thousand
years old, then your knowledge is not the truth.

>The Devil is a real being, and seeks to decieve, kill and destroy. Obviously
>you don't understand the Christian faith, nor have you studied it from the

Most people that call themselves Christians don't believe in the devil.

>Your right, if evolution were possible.

Evolution is possible because there is nothing about it that is

>>Obviously all the evidence I've written about does not count as evidence
>>to you. I'm not going to waste my time any more until you tell me what
>>kind of evidence would convince you. Be explicit and detailed.
>Factual evidence.

I've given you factual evidence.

>>I think you missed the point. Having a conversation is like a game of
>So that means you are trying to win does it not? I am not trying to win
>anything, I am just trying to figure out how a person can believe in
>evolution, or why they would want to.

No, it means that it has certain rules that both players have to
follow otherwise the game is not worth playing.

>Not only do I think of you, but I pray for you to.

I feel sorry for you too.

>My quarrel is not with you, but with the Devil. To me reality has taken on a
>whole new meaning, I could no sooner deny the existance of God than I could
>deny the existance of my sisters. My life is in His hands, and I know, that
>I am not missing out on anything. I have never been happier, or more
>satisfied in my life. Most religious people are still searching for what I
>have found, it fills their pallette for a little while, but then they are
>empty again. Just like you, have made evolution, humanism, and atheism your
>faith, claiming it as logical and the only rational solution. I do the same
>with my faith, but mine is based on experience, prayer and a loving God.
>There will come a time when all will be brought before the judgement seat of
>the Father, and at that moment all will be held accountable for what they
>have done.

Like I said, your faith is obviously important and you are welcome to it.
But don't expect for a second to convince me to give up rationality.

>Set evolution and creation aside. Look at the prophesies of the Bible that
>have come true and are coming true, the end is drawing nearer.

Jesus thought the end was near 2000 years ago. Obviously he was wrong.

>Set the prophesies aside. Look at the love that God has for you. Look at the
>truths that have existed long before science. He is real, and evident, and

If he is real, evident and moving, why is he hiding from me?

>I refuse to continue this conversation with you, unless you will stop trying
>to win, and take this opportunity to learn. I know I began the conversation,
>so now I will end it, if you want it to...

I'm not trying to win. I'm trying to show you that Christianity is
irrational. If you agree with that, then I'm happy.