RE: Question

Mon, 28 Aug 95 12:18:00 CDT

>>>The distance of the stars and the age of the earth have been objectively
>>>verified. They are facts by your own definition. These facts refute
>>>the evidence of the bible. Which part don't you understand?

>>The distance of the stars prove nothing but God's awesome power. They
>>prove age or evolution.

>You are wrong. If you see a star is 10 million light years away
>then it must have existed 10 million years ago to give off the light.
>Therefore the universe is at least 10 million years old. QED.

>If you don't believe me, then which fact do you question?

No it does not. The Bible says that the light was created first, and the
Bible is older than modern science so, I don't see any contradictions here,
oops kiss that pedastal good-bye.

>>>There is no way to know whether our knowledge is really the truth.
>>>However, and this is very important, we can tell when our knowledge
>>>is not the truth. If you believe the earth is only a few thousand
>>>years old, then your knowledge is not the truth.

>>But yours is?

>Yes. My knowledge that the universe billions of years old is correct
>for all intents and purposes.

My knowledge is based on the Word of God, the only Truth and the definition
of truth. Your knowledge is for the dogs. many decades have been used to
research evolution and there is no evidence that is undisputed to support
evolution. If 200,000 "pre-historic" horses can be found in one single
locale, Lyons, France, should there not be millions of pre-historic human
(ape-men) to be found? No, the truth is that they never will be found, and
not a single one that fossil that has tried to prove evo. has been able to
stand undisputed!

>>>Most people that call themselves Christians don't believe in the devil.

>>Then they are liars, and shouldn't be calling themselves Christians.
>>Besides, not one Christian I have ever encountered has not believed in the

>>Devils existance, therefore "Most" is an absurdity, and an assumption with

>>absolutely no truth behind it...

>I don't believe you have met most Christians.

As a Christian I should certainly hope that I have met more Christians than
you! If you have met most Christians, then they have lied to you! Oh, and
please name one prominent Christian that does not believe in Lucifer?
Christian means Christ like, there is no way on earth a person can consider
themselves Christ like and not believe in the existence of Satan. I suggest
that you stop this argument, it could get you in trouble... I encourage you
to go to one of your local Baptist, Assembly of God or other Pentecosal
Churches and take a poll. I think that you will find that these Christians
know of the Devils existance.

>>>Jesus thought the end was near 2000 years ago. Obviously he was wrong.

>>Which version of the Bible have you been reading? Jesus didn't think
>>anything! He knew. Besides he never said that the end was during his time!

>>On the contrary he said watch because no one but the Father knows the time

>>of His return... Research your arguments when it comes to the Bible okay,
>>have taken it upon myself to research evolution to make things more
>>interesting for you, and I try my best to not send shallow responses, so
>>please, if you are going to try to use my own weapon against me, you could

>>at least learn how to use it.

>Fair enough. I will look up the quote for you.

I hate to use this term, but "Good Luck" trying to find one.

>>>If he is real, evident and moving, why is he hiding from me?

>>He isn't hiding, you just refuse to open your eyes and look. Are you

>What makes you think I haven't looked? The fact is that I have.

If you have you would have found Him. There is no fact to it, it is your
opinion that you have, if you are telling me the truth...