RE: Question

Mon, 28 Aug 95 09:59:00 CDT

>>Does my belief in Christ as my Lord, and the fact that I have a personla
>>relationship with Him disqualify the fact that I have seen His healing
>>power, know His presence, and can comprehend creation, make my knowledge
>>illogical and worthless?

>Your faith seems to blind you to science. You have rejected out of
>hand every piece of evidence I've given you, claiming it isn't really
>evidence or not really a fact. Look at the definition you gave me:

>>Fact: Something put forth as objectivly real; Something objectively
>>verified; Something with real, demonstrable existence; The quality of
>>real or actual.

I got the above out of a dictionary.

>The distance of the stars and the age of the earth have been objectively
>verified. They are facts by your own definition. These facts refute
>the evidence of the bible. Which part don't you understand?

The distance of the stars prove nothing but God's awesome power. They hardly
prove age or evolution.

My faith is beyond belief, it is to the point of absolute knowledge. I have
seen God move, have felt his presence and seen his work in my life, in ways
that mathematical probability nor medical science or any other science can
or has explained...

>>Is our knowledge really the truth? Who can define it? Who has the right?

>There is no way to know whether our knowledge is really the truth.
>However, and this is very important, we can tell when our knowledge
>is not the truth. If you believe the earth is only a few thousand
>years old, then your knowledge is not the truth.

But yours is?

>>The Devil is a real being, and seeks to decieve, kill and destroy.
>>you don't understand the Christian faith, nor have you studied it from the


>Most people that call themselves Christians don't believe in the devil.

Then they are liars, and shouldn't be calling themselves Christians.
Besides, not one Christian I have ever encountered has not believed in the
Devils existance, therefore "Most" is an absurdity, and an assumption with
absolutely no truth behind it...

>>Your right, if evolution were possible.

>Evolution is possible because there is nothing about it that is

Evolution is impossible because there is nothing about it that is God.

>>Not only do I think of you, but I pray for you to.

>I feel sorry for you too.

I don't feel sorry for you, you can make your own choices...

>But don't expect for a second to convince me to give up rationality.

I'm not.

>>Set evolution and creation aside. Look at the prophesies of the Bible that

>>have come true and are coming true, the end is drawing nearer.

>Jesus thought the end was near 2000 years ago. Obviously he was wrong.

Which version of the Bible have you been reading? Jesus didn't think
anything! He knew. Besides he never said that the end was during his time!
On the contrary he said watch because no one but the Father knows the time
of His return... Research your arguments when it comes to the Bible okay, I
have taken it upon myself to research evolution to make things more
interesting for you, and I try my best to not send shallow responses, so
please, if you are going to try to use my own weapon against me, you could
at least learn how to use it.

>>Set the prophesies aside. Look at the love that God has for you. Look at
>>truths that have existed long before science. He is real, and evident, and


>If he is real, evident and moving, why is he hiding from me?

He isn't hiding, you just refuse to open your eyes and look. Are you scared?

Take care,
In Him,

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