Re: More Questions.

Mon, 28 Aug 95 09:35:00 CDT

I haven't ignored you yet.

By the way I am back. I have read a trmendous book called Evolution
Disproved by Dr William A Williams, who uses 50 points to disprove it,
around thirty of which are mathematical! No one can question mathmatics...?
I'll send you details later today...
From: David McFadzean
Subject: Re: More Questions.
Date: Friday, August 18, 1995 13:17PM

At 01:26 PM 8/18/95 CDT, you wrote:
>If you consider yourself a "logically" thinking person then would you mind
>answering these?

If I take the time and effort to answer each one, how do I know you
won't just ignore me anyway?

David McFadzean
Memetic Engineer
Merak Projects Ltd.