FW: Babel - Languages - European Creationist Congress

Wed, 30 Aug 95 08:56:00 CDT

More on the Tower, I thought you might be interested in some of this stuff
wether you agree or disagree.
From: gernoth
To: CRSnet (Creation Reflector)
Subject: Re: Babel - Languages - European Creationist Congress
Date: Tuesday, August 29, 1995 22:08PM

John Sampson:

I do not think that languages will have deteriorated to the point
of utter incomprehensibility before the return of Christ. Beyond, God
will make sure that his Word will be preserved also in an environment
of general decay, which is what we are witnessing these days in all areas
anway, not only in languages. The Lord will make sure that there will always
be plenty of people knowing the ancient Biblical languages well enough so
in case of ambiguities one can always ask a person learned
in these languages for advice.

The pastor of the church I used to go in St. Louis considers the
King James Version of the Bible to be the most accurate English
translation not only because of the diligence that went into
compiling it but also because he thinks that English language
of that time was better than contemporary English. Not being a native
English speaker I can't really judge, but this view might be worth a