FW: FW: Question

Thu, 31 Aug 95 09:35:00 CDT

From: David McFadzean
Subject: Re: FW: Question
Date: Wednesday, August 30, 1995 16:39PM

>>"Tell us, when will these things happen?..." (Mark 13:4 NIV) "I tell you
>>truth, this generation (or race) will certainly not pass away until all of

>>these things have happened." (Mark 13:20 NIV) "Even so, when you see all
>>these things, you know that it is near, right at the door. " (Matthew
>>"'The stars of heaven and their constellations will not show their light.
>>The rising sun will be darkened and the moon will not give off its light."

>>(Isaiah 13:10 NIV). I encourage you to read Isaiah 34 and the Daniel 9 and

>>12 and maybe Job, but that is almost a different subject.

>>Oh, he never mentions that they would have to survive. The race of Jews
>>would and have, and have. Any more?

>OK, if you reinterpret the word to mean "race" instead of "generation"
>then it is true. But you can always reinterpret a passage so that it
>is true. No wonder you think the bible is infallible. No matter what
>it actually says, you can interpret it to fit with your preconception.

Actually I took it upon myself to find out what the word generation means in
this context. It is from the Latin word "genei" which means seed or stock:
Which the true interpretation means race, so therefore the NIV and KJV both
have a bad word for the translation, but this is best suited for the people
who translated it at the time.

In Him,