FW: FW: Question

Thu, 31 Aug 95 10:36:00 CDT

From: David McFadzean
Subject: Re: FW: Question
Date: Wednesday, August 30, 1995 16:47PM

>>>Why doesn't it work on you? Do you have your own set of logic rules?
>>>There is a valid explanation why there are more horse fossils than
>>>human fossils: there were more horses.

>>I have seen no good solid explaination as to why?

>What kind of explanation would you like? How about this: at the time
>humans were migrating from central europe into what is now France. There
>were only a few hundred humans in France at the time, but the horses
>had lived there for thousands of years.

If you can interpret evolution and make up stories how you want, I can see
how it is infalable. (Just like the Bible right?)

>>>Many Christians believe the bible is allegorical. They aren't Christians
>>>by your definition and we all know that you are the authority on who
>>>is and is not a Christian.

>>The Bible is an authority on who is a Christian. The first time Christians

>It depends on how you interpret the bible.

I gave you scripture, read it. There is no interpetation to it, just read
it, all of it, and understand your Jewish history. Overall, the Holy Spirit
reveals the ultimate Truth.

>God makes fools out of the Christian priests every time he creates a
>natural disaster that kills thousands of innocent people.

I think you should read Job and Ezekiel so that you may come to an
understanding that God does not kill innocent people. "Not one can be found
innocent.". So how does he make fools of them? Let me know what you're line
of reasoning is and I will be glad to give you scripture and translation to
help you understand the Truth.