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Tue, 8 Aug 1995 14:41:27 -0600

[posted to the Virus list with permission. -dbm]

I investigated The Curch of Virus homepage, here are some of my comments!
The look is nice by the way!

>In many religions, "Salvation" is the bait, or promised reward

What is "Salvation"?

>Common meme-allergies include homophobia, paranoid anti-Communism, and
porno phobia.

Are you sure it is a phobia (which means psychologically induced) or a
inbred bit of morals (In the soul)

> A person "whose behavior is so strongly influenced by a [meme] that their
own survival becomes >inconsequential in their own minds." (Henson) (Such
as: Kamikazes, Shiite terrorists, Jim Jones >followers, any military
personnel) hosts and membots are not necessarily memeoids

I happen to be in the United States Air Force, that means I am military
personel. I assure you that my survival is consequential in the sense that
you think it is not. But I would gladly give my life for my country, my God,
or any individual if need be.

>Any of several currently-epidemic memes which predict catastrophic events
for the year 2000, including >the battle of Armageddon, the Rapture, the
thousand-year reign of Jesus, etc.

Who thinks that all this will take place in the year 2000? It could happen
in ten minutes or a hundred years from now, could it not?

>An infection strategy in which a meme attempts to imitate the semiotics of
another successful meme. >Such as: pseudo-science (Creationism, UFOlogy);
pseudo-rebelliousness (Heavy Metal); subversion >by forgery (Situationist
detournement). (GMG)

What does Creationism try to mimic? It has been around the longest, so who
is copying who?

>Since schemes compete for finite belief-space, tolerance is not necessarily
a virtue, but it has >co-evolved in the ideosphere in much the same way as
co-operation has evolved in biological >ecosystems.

Tell me where massive cooperation exists in our world. Have you seen a
rabbit walk up to a tiger and say "Eat me if your hungry, I wouldn't want
you to starve". Or seen a dog not tell another dog "Get away from my woman?"

>Conservatism: automatically resist all new memes.

Yes it is, resist until it is proven to be useful and true. Then gladly
accept it.

>The doctrine that there is no God. Atheists believe that there is
insufficient evidence for God
>and/or that the concept of God is incoherent so its existence is logically

So were trapped in three dimensions are we? Can we not even broaden our
horizons? If everything were logical (assuming God didn't exist) this world
would be boring! God exists, he is REAL and can be TANGIBLE. He needs not
conform to humanities little box. Besides, it is very possible. Especially
since we have so much evidence to prove HIS existance.
>The doctrine that the existence of God is unknown and probably unknowable.

Look in the Bible, he wants to know you, and he desires to reveal himself to
you. The existence of God is known! I know him!

>1. The branch of semiotics dealing with the study of meaning.

What is the meaning of life? Or do you get to play Noah Webster and define
it for all of us less intelligent people?

>A collection of causally related objects. All systems (except perhaps the
universe) are part of a
>supersystem. All systems (except perhaps quarks) are composed of

So what binds the atoms together? We have no clue do we? Please don't tell
me quarks just happened...

>Accurate with respect to objective reality. Since accuracy is not a
discrete attribute, truth is
>necessarily a fuzzy concept.

Truth is defined by God. Just as you or I am.

>To understand a system is to possess a conceptual model that can be used to
accurately predict
>the behaviour of the system. A deep understanding entails understanding the
components of the

The Word of God has all the answers...

>What is going on?
>Evolution on all scales.

Is evolution still taking place biologically?

>What does it all mean?
>Things mean what they cause, i.e. the meaning is in the effects.

The Bible says, to every action, there is a reaction. God knew that before
science did. Wow...

>Why am I here?

God wants you here for a reason, ask HIM and find out!!!

>What should I do?

Ask God to forgive you for doing wrong, admit you've done wrong, and then
say ypu accept the forgiveness that only Christs death could attone for!
Then get to know him better.

>Create a meaningful life by influencing the world around you.

The only meaningful life is one in Christ. Why? The bible says, naked I came
from my mothers womb, naked I will return...

Thanx for your time,
Take care,
In Him,

I would appreciate a response!