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Luree Dell-Bryan (
Tue, 8 Aug 95 19:52 PDT

>Yes I have read and researched religions, actually at one time I did
>research very avidly, now I just occasionally browse them. If you notice how
>the other books are written, they try to parallel the Bible, it's not the
>Bible paralleling them. The Bible has enough evidence stacked up for it,
>pointing out that it is the oldest "religious" book, and that it in itself
>is one of the oldest writtings of man. The interesting thing is, in it's
>incredible age, it still lives on, like no other book has. It has never
>died, and never will.

There were many Hebraic Eden myths in existence long before the bible was
invented. There are Assyrian terra-cotta tablets from the ruins of Ninevah,
dating from 1500 to 2000 B.C. which give not only the story of the Creation
of Man, but narratives of the Deluge and the Tower of Babel as well.

>>Atoms are bound together by the strong and weak forces. We do have a clue,
>>but probably not the final answer. Scientists would like to know where
>>forces come from. "God" is one answer, but not a very good one because it
>>doesn't explain anything and raises more questions that it tries to answer.
>He explains everything, but what questions does He create?

Have you lost the ability to question how things work? This is the only way
we ever have scientific progress.

>>>The Word of God has all the answers...

Then how has it explained the Genealogy of Christ? According to Matthew
there are twenty-six generations from David to Jesus. According to Luke,
there are forty-one - a difference of some 400 years!