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Wed, 09 Aug 95 08:57:04 BST


I read your note with much interest and, may I say, a large amount of
agreement. However, I used to take your view that the State should
separated from religion, being raised in the UK, where the Church has
not (yet) been disestablished. School kids (me included) have religion
"rammed down their throats", which I considered to be a bad thing.

Now, look at the UK, and you see an almost entirely secular
society...Very few people have any time for organised religion (as
distinct from a belief in a god or creator/ higher being) and church
attendees are now below 5% of the population...New religious ideas,
let alone "silly" ones are, to use a generalisation, given short

Regards Jeff

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Subject: virus: Re: Do you know something I don't?
Author: (Luree Dell-Bryan) at SMTPLink
Date: 08/08/95 12:50

>From: (Luree Dell-Bryan)
>Subject: Re: Do you know something I don't?
>I'm sorry that I don't have the time to enter into discussions with you.
If you actively seeking truth, I hope you find it. It is obvious that you
have not studied anything but biblical references and Creationist
references. This gives you a very biased view of things and often hides the
>I am an Humanist. I believe that people should be free to choose whatever
faith they want, but they have no right to impose their beliefs on others,
especially when these beliefs often distort the truth, spew propaganda, and
cause ill will and harm to minorities.
>The Creationists are an example of a group that have as much credibility as
The Flat Earth Society. They are supported through their ability to sell
books and extract donations from gullible people. Their ideas have no
scientific basis whatsoever. The fact that they have posted a few
quotations from eminenet people means nothing. If you want to know what was
truly said, read the source books. Creationism is outlawed completely in
many schools because parents don't want their children learning such bunkem
as "the world was created 10,000 years ago." Educated people know that
there is enough fossil evidence, as well as radio-dating, to prove that the
earth is much older. People are not as ignorant as they used to be, so that
is why the churches are having such a difficult time nowadays. They can no
longer torture and burn heretics, who have done scientific inquiry.
>You have also been fed lies if you believe that the United States was
founded as a Christian nation. The Founding Fathers were products of "The
Age Of Reason". (If you don't know what this is then read Thomas Paine.)
They deliberately set up the constitution to keep church and state separate.
They wanted to avoid the problems that religion caused to people in the old
world. The founding fathers also knew that religion certainly doesn't
promote peace - as you can plainly see by the wars going on today. The
history of all religion, especially Christianity, has been bloody and
opressive. John Adams, the second president, was often quoted as saying,
"This world would be a better place without religion."
>If you want to find out why the early presidents were adamant about keeping
the states free from the money-grabbing influence of the church (and all
religion, including Christianity), then read about them in your public library.
>You won't find the truth by reading pamphlets from non-profit
organizations. "Non-Profit" simply means that they don't pay taxes. These
organizations definitely want to keep money pouring into their coffers so
that they can continue to publish more propaganda to make them look good to
gullible people. It is a shame that all this money wasn't actually used to
do some good for mankind.
>To find the truth, you have to go to independent research organizations,
who are not infuenced by religious organizations or fear of losing
constituency voters. Or you can find quite a bit of information from public
libraries. You will find it very difficult to argue with people who have
actually studied the constitution and who know that the last thing the early
presidents wanted was religious influence in this country. Of course,
churches have fought long and hard to get into the public schools and
influence the mind of youth.
>Sadly, religion suppresses free thought and free inquiry. It promotes
prejudice against homosexuals, women, minority religions, and anyone who may
disagree with their particular philosophy. It replaces rational questioning
with doctrines that children are molded to believe, no matter how foolish or
illogical the ideas are. The first question any child asks is "Who created
God?" They are expected to accept what the chuch leaders say on faith.
>As to all that literature you've sent me, every single one of those
arguments are countered in the book "Evolution and the Myth of Creationism"
by Tim M. Berra. Classic creationism arguments are listed and calmly
countered with facts.
>As A Humanist, I believe that all schools and government institutions must
be kept free of religion if there ever is to be harmony in this world.
>Good luck in your studies. Please don't send me any more mail as I have no
time to be your teacher and no interest in unresearched material or ignorance.