virus: What to do with fundamentalists?

Oolong (
Wed, 9 Aug 1995 10:49:11 -0700 (PDT)

/This "dialogue" with Fern Jeremiah (or is it Jeremiah Fern?) is
/somewhat distressing. I'm inclined to think that someone with
/the faith meme this far ingrained is beyond help and any
/resources devoted to the discussion can be better spent elsewhere.
/Does that make me as close-minded as the fundamentalist? I never
/envisioned Virus to be an evangelical religion. Does the lack
/of proselytizing put us at a severe disadvantage with religions
/that do?
/David McFadzean

Close-minded? Closed against what? He presents no evidence, uses no
new arguments, and seems unlikely to listen to us, being fixated on the
Bible. He has nothing to say and won't listen. One could try breaking
the Bible-fixation, but one would probably be better off finishing the
Web pages.

"Does the lack of..." --> does the lack of reproducing put the
population of an animal at a severe disadvantage with normal animals?
Of course. I doubt Virus will do all that much as a Web site; to be
effective someone will have to teach. (Such a nicer verb.) I've
actually toyed with the idea of giving sermons, with the worship session
literally being a Q&A session. I doubt I'll go anywhere with this soon.

Symbol suggestion: a greek psi behind the circle-slash "No" symbol.
Inspired by combining CSICOP with Babylon-5; I've thought it is a good
symbol for anti-superstition groups in general. Perhaps it could be
added to the Helix and Biohazard symbols I believe Virus uses now?

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