Re: virus: What to do with fundamentalists?

Duane Daniel Hewitt (
Wed, 9 Aug 1995 12:06:24 -0600 (MDT)

On Wed, 9 Aug 1995, David McFadzean wrote:

> This "dialogue" with Fern Jeremiah (or is it Jeremiah Fern?) is
> somewhat distressing. I'm inclined to think that someone with
> the faith meme this far ingrained is beyond help and any
> resources devoted to the discussion can be better spent elsewhere.

I would agree with you but I think it was worth acquiring enough
information to make this determination.

> Does that make me as close-minded as the fundamentalist?

No, you were open to the criticsim and willing to consider it. It is just
that the arguments contain to many fallacies and depend upon the "faith"
folly which is a good resistance strategy to outside infection.

> I never
> envisioned Virus to be an evangelical religion. Does the lack
> of proselytizing put us at a severe disadvantage with religions
> that do?

I don't think that because we can not convert one heavily indoctrinated
individual that we should give up on proselytizing. There are many who
are seekers who may find significant value in Virus. I think it comes
down to looking at return on investment on argument. Some people will
never be convinced by anything. Others will be more reasonable. Go for
the latter first and the former last.

Duane Hewitt

BTW I challenged the Creationist to put up an Idea Futures question. We
will have to see what happens. I think it will be an interesting experiment.