Re: virus: Hyperbolic Growth

Luree Dell-Bryan (
Fri, 17 Nov 95 14:24 PST

>David L. wrote:
>>Well.. what do you think folks? Is starvation and destruction of resources
>>starting to effect man's ability to reproduce or even stay alive in some
>>areas? Are we seeing the beginnings of Ragnarok (or at least massive human
>>suffering)? If so, what can our memes do to help prevent such massive

Amazingly, scholars, who have predicted world-wide famine due to
over-population, have been proven wrong time after time. I understand that
the population density of the state of Massachsetts is many times higher
than the impoverished Zimbawbe and yet Mass. can feed its population. This
would indicate that memes are of major importance. Socialist countries can
not feed themselves but when they allow a free market system, food
production soars.