virus: position on nature of truth

Tracy Harms (
Fri, 17 Nov 95 13:20:37 MDT

Tyson Vaughan wrote:
>On another note... One statement in the explication of Reason intrigues me:
>"If truth is the goal, rationality is the way." This begs the question,
>"Is truth the goal (for Virus)?" And in turn, "What is Virus's position on
>the nature of truth?"

My suggested answers to these questions are:

"Is truth the goal for Virus?"

It is very important, but it is not the sole good
worth pursuing.

"What is Virus's position on the nature of truth?"

Virus teaches and practices evolutionary rationalism
(a.k.a. pan-critical rationalism).

Whether or not these become adopted by the Church of Virus overall, they are in
fact my answers and components of my religion.


P.S. Tyson, I think your comments on self-delusion were wonderful. I'll be
rotating this quote in my .sig

"The saying goes that you can fool your friends, but you can't fool yourself.
Well, I believe the opposite is much closer to the truth." -- Tyson Vaughan