virus: The Net CD-ROM

David McFadzean (
Wed, 06 Dec 1995 10:26:58 -0700

At 01:31 PM 05/12/95 -0800, Vicki Rosenzweig wrote:

>"Far from optimized for release" seems to be a fair description of Virus.=

I agree, but it appears that Virus is going to have a beta release a
bit sooner than expected. I received this in the mail last night
from Lauren Guzak <>:

Hey Hey!
I=B9m the CD-ROM Editor at a magazine called The Net. The Church of=
has received the highest rating possible in our Reviews section, so I=B9=
writing to request permission to mirror part--or all--of this site on=20
the March edition of our monthly covermount disc.

Apparently The Net has a newsstand run of 250,000. If anyone objects to
having their messages appear in the list archive on the CD-ROM, please let
me know ASAP.

At 05:13 PM 05/12/95 -0500, Bradley O'Neill wrote:

> Homage is flattery...I'm just wondering what the odds are that these two
>ideas, Truth and Virus, would develop independently in nearly the same

Who was it that said truth is a virus? William S. Burroughs?

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