virus: infected by the truth
Wed, 6 Dec 1995 13:18:02 -0500

>> Homage is flattery...I'm just wondering what the odds are that these two
>>ideas, Truth and Virus, would develop independently in nearly the same
>Who was it that said truth is a virus? William S. Burroughs?

"Language is a virus. We must find out what words are and how they
function. They become images when written down, but images of words
repeated in the mind and not of the image of the thing itself."
--William S. Burroughs

WSB would be more likely to contend that truth is the victim body
attacked by a virus, not an actor in itself. I would agree with those that
have suggested within the context of this thread that the Truth web pages
are little more than a "teleological acid trip." They contain no indication
of rational investigation or scholarship of any kind. The fact that they
are asking some similar questions on the broadest level doesn't make them
kindred in spirit, especially in consideration of the "answers" they've
come up with.

Barry Miller
Brown University
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