Re: virus: Is there room for mysticism?

Joel Bradford Klammer (
Thu, 4 Jan 96 22:02:48 MST

> >I guess it's the "rationality only" mindset; while I think a lot of
> >nasty things happen because people don't think rationally, I think life
> >would be a lot less fun if nobody indulged in mystical/superstitious
> >thoughts and actions now and then.
> Do most people feel this way? I would hate to think Virus is less fun
> than our competition.

Some other religions promise eternal life in paradise for all who
seek it. The closest Virus can offer is an extropian scenario of
longevity in this dirty world, available to those can afford the
technology (which in its initial phases is likely to be few). As
a memetic engineer, which do you think has greater mass appeal?