Re: virus: Is there room for mysticism?

John E.Mayer (
Fri, 5 Jan 1996 17:51:51 -0500

>>I guess it's the "rationality only" mindset; while I think a lot of
>>nasty things happen because people don't think rationally, I think life
>>would be a lot less fun if nobody indulged in mystical/superstitious
>>thoughts and actions now and then.
>Do most people feel this way? I would hate to think Virus is less fun
>than our competition.

As pretty much a newbie to the list, I can only give you
my take on it, but I think there's maybe a misconception
as to where rationality can take a person. What I mean is,
the dismissal of superstition is not necessarily also the
dismissal of mysticism. As you probably know, Zen lacks
the superstitious element while still embracing the rational.
And have we (or have you all) forsaken the mystical? I can't
say I completely understand Virus yet, but it seems to me
that there is still room for mysticism. No one denies the
existence of altered states of consciousness, right? And
such states are, after all, the basis of mysticism. By way
of background, I am 48 and have been involved in magick (yes,
one of those) and mysticism since about age 18, so I think I
can say I know those territories. Perhaps someone could
explain precisely where CoV stands on these matters. Then if
my own position isn't heretical (would I be your first heretic?),
together we can hack together an accompanying mysticism for
the group.
And by way of direct answer to your question, no, it isn't
*less* fun or I wouldn't be here. I just don't think the
public at large comprehends the group's position yet. Do
try to remember, we've only just inaugurated the first
Virion holiday. Perhaps if they had a chance to experience a
party a la CoV, they'd be friendlier.
My two ducats' worth....
Aum mane padmeme hum
Papa John