virus: Is there room for mysticism?

David McFadzean (
Thu, 04 Jan 1996 10:07:27 -0700

I was making use of the Alta Vista search engine's way-cool backlink
feature to peruse the web pages with links to Virus (I added a backlinks
pushbutton to the bottom of,
thanks to Sean Morgan for the pointer), when I came across Eric Moon's page:

The Church of Virus is an interesting site -- it's the first overt
application I've seen of memetic thought to promote a concept. I don't
much like the general attitude of the Church, but the pages are worth
checking out for pointers to more reading (and the memetic lexicon.)

I sent him mail asking why he didn't like our attitude and he replied:

>I guess it's the "rationality only" mindset; while I think a lot of
>nasty things happen because people don't think rationally, I think life
>would be a lot less fun if nobody indulged in mystical/superstitious
>thoughts and actions now and then.

Do most people feel this way? I would hate to think Virus is less fun
than our competition.

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