Re: virus: Is there room for mysticism?

David McFadzean (
Wed, 10 Jan 1996 15:36:10 -0700

At 02:08 PM 10/01/96 MST, Joel Bradford Klammer wrote:

>Another question: can we define a person's level of education as
>the extent to which they've learned to emulate your personal
>intellectual proclivities? Some intelligent people have a

No, of course not. I was only talking about education in certain areas,
namely critical thinking and decision theory.

>distaste for reductionism, and balance it out with a degree of
>belief in intuition and/or revelation. To them, no amount of
>education is going to make embracing the tenets of Virus seem
>like anything other than swallowing a bitter pill.

Agreed, I have no delusions about making Virus appealing to
all people. If someone is happy believing things that aren't true
who am I to tell them they're wrong? I'm not out to convert anyone
and I don't think Virus should be a proselytizing religion. Our role
should be to provide information about our beliefs to people who
seek it. I realize that puts us at a disadvantage compared to
religions that do have missionaries, but it seems more consistent
with the rest of the Virian tenets.

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