Re: virus: "Don't try any of your voodoo shit on me"

JGriggs (
Fri, 16 Feb 1996 18:03:51 -0500

> >Okay, what is up with this, you crazy person? Do you think worshipping the
> >devil is cool or what? Because even if you say you are not a part of
> >Satanism, you are, you blind crazy person. With views like these, I think
> >the place you will end up is hell. And you might think you have some sort
> >of power now, but wait until you are in hell and you aren't worth shit.
> >Because there will always be some freak that will kick your butt and you
> >will forever be in pain and in hot, hot fire, and will hate it. Do you
> >think you can then overthrow the devil once you get in hell? Get a clue
> >there, sonny. You are a lunatic. Anything that denies God or Jesus is of
> >the devil. And, I think these are your intentions, you bastard.
> > Have you ever heard of Jesus? Well, Mr., He is all-powerful. God is
> >the one that overthrew Satan. Not the other way around. Remember.
> > So, get a clue. Pray the the one will can really give you power, you
> >crazy man.
> > Have a good day
> > P.S. Don't try any of your voodoo shit on me, it won't work

That was truly laughable! Ignorance runs deep in humanity's veins. So
far, Virus is the most valiant attempt yet to rid society of its scourge.
Keep up the "devil's" work! ;)

Jonathan Griggs
Blasphemy Net