virus: "Don't try any of your voodoo shit on me"
Fri, 16 Feb 1996 20:32:20 -0500

IV>>Okay, what is up with this, you crazy person? Do you think worshipping the
IV>>devil is cool or what? Because even if you say you are not a part of
IV>>Satanism, you are, you blind crazy person. With views like these, I think
etc..etc..etc... (not to waste bandwidth)

I can see that intelligence oozes from the person that orginated this
message in your general direction....We should ask him to join us so
that we may all learn from his unlimited life experiences and god-ike

or we could just push him off the edge of the Earth into the pit that
holds all those nasty sea monsters and then lock the chain link fence up
behind him so he can't get back on.

Yet again,