Re: virus: post-its

John Bartoo (
Fri, 15 Mar 1996 15:38:03 -0700

>The note about the ecology of ideas brought this to mind:
>I have been told that the glue from post-it notes never entirely
>comes off the paper they've been attached to, and will
>damage books over time. If you like a book enough to flag
>it, you probably like it enough to want to preserve it. Use plain
>paper bookmarks.

At last a topic that even I can identify with! Never really thought about
the glue hanging on for a long time. Up to now, most of the books I've
used "post it" notes with are ones I'm not really concerned about.

What other methods might be considered as alternatives? Before the "post
it" notes, I sometimes used paper clips, which made indentations in the
paper which likewise damaged the book.

Interesting topic.

John Bartoo
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