Re: virus: Re: Opposable thumbs

John Steele (
Fri, 15 Mar 1996 17:32:04 -0600

>>The only "goal" is reproduction, specificaly DNA reproduction. One
>>species having more intelligence than another species does not
>>necessarily mean that the former is better (fitter) at doing this. In
>>fact, sometimes it's worse.
>Those who learned to use tools obviously had more intelligence than those
>who did not use tools. The use of tools increases your chance for survival
>and therefore increases your opportunities to reproduce. Therefore, your
>"more intelligent tool using DNA" has the opportunity to be passed on to
>more generations.

This is true in a limited sense. But pretend for a moment that you were a
DNA molecule which could choose a support system (a species) for
replication. Would you choose a bacteria, a cockaroach, a finch, or a

>From the point of simply maximizing your numbers, the bacteria would be
the best system to use, since from the point of view of sheer numbers,
they clearly win.


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