Re: virus: Fundamentals

Alexander Chislenko (
Thu, 28 Mar 1996 14:33:46 -0800

David McFadzean wrote:

>At 03:32 PM 28/03/96 -0800, Vicki Rosenzweig wrote:
>>For that matter, while many religions preach an afterlife, there's
>>no reason I can see that the existence of a god would imply
>>the existence of an afterlife.
>Good point. What *does* the existence of a god imply?


It looks like, in order to accept any given religion, one has to make
not one leap of faith (such as existence of God), but a whole bunch of them.
Neither God nor afterlife seem to imply that one shouldn't cook fish in
its mothers milk, or seduce his neighbor's sheep, etc.
In fact, one has to accept whole books on faith.

If I have to accept anything on faith (i.e. as an axiom) for building
an understanding of a certain subject, I would tend to put more trust on
an explanation that postulates just a few basic and simple axioms.
The theories that demand acceptance of a lots of stories, principles and
objects of extreme complexity would look most suspicious.

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