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In 1989, I left Leningrad, Russia for Boston, Massachusetts, as the relatively free society of the U.S. seemed more suitable for my goals: I want to understand how the world works, and steer it, and myself, into the glorious future. I invite you to walk around my cyberspace home. Here you can find many links to various things advanced and frontierish. This includes a number of my own articles on a variety of futuristic, technological and philosophical subjects, including my recent essays on Hyper-economy, Semantic Web, Cyborgs, liquid intelligence of the coming Mind Age, Enhanced Reality, Collaborative information filtering, and various other topics. If you have any interest in such things, you may also like my Guide to the best Internet mailing lists and the following references to what I consider some of the most interesting resources on the Web.

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I would greatly appreciate any comments, corrections or additions to the materials and references provided in these pages. You are also welcome to sponsor this Web site. Please e-mail me at sasha1@netcom.com

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