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Fun and Play

"If I can't dance, I don't want to be part of your revolution." - Emma Goldman

I am trying to turn this page into a guide for people who feel that maturity is not aging in a boring suburban house and forgetting how to hold hands, but in ever-greater emotional sophistication, boundless personal growth, thrill of adventure, and love to the world. Today we finally live in the Golden Age when the elements, wild beasts and hunger are things of the past, and we can start opening up to the world and having real fun.
Can you play with style, never-ending sense of adventure, happiness, and pride?
I am just starting to assemble here some links to good resources that may help you do that. Please let me know if I am missing something important!
Conway's game of Life by Alan Hensel - play online!

Invisible hand market of ideas - bet on what matters to you.
Game of 20 Questions

Intelligent Humor page Intelligent Humor page
Good place to play games - invite me to play Russian Checkers sometime!
Diplomacy Diplomacy - "The best boad game ever"
Ron Weird and meta-games list by Ron Hale-Evans
Earth2025 - Interactive strategic game on the Web
Games Domain - lots of games-related links!
[IMAGE]The Dilbert Zone [IMAGE]
Civilization from Microprose
SIRDS3-D and SIRDS images
[IMAGE]The rec.arts.movies database at Mississippi US

Play with pride



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