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Finally, the gruesome period of the totalitarian history is over, the Communist villains are punished, and the free mankind is opening it arms to the surviving freedom fighters, poets, scientists and philosophers, doing everything possible to sooth their wounds and incorporate their thoughts and ideals into the strategic development plans of the human civilization.
- That's what I expected to happen after the collapse of the communism. Naive, eh? Well, I am sure there are somewhere some Communism survivors that are able, and willing, to influence the new frontiers. If you know of any such people, please tell me about them!

Meanwhile, here are some links to interesting free and intelligent things about Russia. Let me know if I missed something important!

*[IMAGE]Moscow State University
*[IMAGE]Russian Music page
*Pekkel's Russian Page
*Moscow Libertarium

* Russian intellectual resources [IMAGE]
high.ruHIGH.RU Russian psychedelic resources
*Steklov Mathematical Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences
The Russian Chronicles
Saint Petersburg UniversitySaint Petersburg University
russian StoryBest Russian Periodicals online.
New england Russian Network
Victor Pelevin
3rd Millenium Russian Third Millenium Site
Want to play Russian Checkers or Chess?

[IMAGE]Russian Software

*WWW and Cyrillic
*Russian Software Resources

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