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Intelligent humor page

This collection is intended to give a good laugh to the overwhelmed visitors of my more serious pages. If you just came here for fun, you are welcome too. Still, if you like my selection of humor, you may want to check whether I have good taste in anything else - and click on some icon at the end...
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Some good humor sites:

o AAA Jokes - Mailing List and archives.
o The Learning Kingdom's free daily email lists - things cool and smart.
o Weekly Puzzle Newsletter - Test your smarts in a fun way.
o - Free daily emails of riddles, jokes, words, recipes, and links.
o Landover baptist

o Most popular humor books from
o The Most Useful FAQ ever

My own favorites

o College admission essay
o The World According to student bloopers - this is an excerpt from the book Anguished English by Richard Lederer.
o Politically Correct Red Riding Hood - slightly improved, IMO, compared to the version published in the Politically Correct Bedtime Stories.
o Better English
o A few Humorous Quotes
o Some funny short theories

o Funny things sold on eBay
The Gift The Gift - a few sexual connotations here, hope it doesn't offend you.
o Psychiatric Hotline
o A naval communications transcript
o Knowledge, time and money My update to a joke by an unknown poster.
o Effective daily affirmations
o Property Laws of a Toddler
o Math Knowledge
o Tennis elbow
o humorous computer quotes from some famous software people
o Proper Care Of Floppies
o Automatic generator of postmodernist essays
o Science Jokes

Recently, I wrote a short article on the nature of humor as a social mechanism for distributing knowledge about unusual situations. I would be happy to receive some criticisms and alternative ideas on the nature of humor.

Most popular humor books from

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o Most popular books of humorous limericks and verse
o Most popular political humor books

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If you like my taste in humor, and are up to an intellectual challenge, I invite you to look into what I consider Real Fun - and read my other intelligently adventurous pages.

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