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Each of the links to this site is automatically reciprocated, as the backlinks button on each page gives a visitor a list of all sites linked to it, as currently know to Alta Vista. The following button gives a list of all websites referencing any of my pages: Backlinks
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There are linking instructions and sample code available fopr linking to the Great thinkers, Intelligent Humor, Frontier Organizations, karate, massage, sponsor and Animated backgrounds pages.

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There are mailing lists for several of the pages of this website. You are welcome to join and contribute. They are listed in my mailing lists guide.

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Work on a large non-commercial website takes a lot of time and resources. On top of that, I spend money to advertize these pages (partly covered by the money collected from commercial advertisements on these pages). Any donation would help me to improve and further promote these pages. If you think you could halp, please contact me at

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If you want to communicate to me personally, please send me email. Please spare my time; I receive a huge amount of mail, and have to concentrate on the most important issues. If you have good ideas, want to criticize my articles, or report broken links, I would love to hear from you. If you want me to do some work for you personally, please consider reimbursing me for my efforts.

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