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[IMAGE] Educational resources

[IMAGE]General Wisdom

ThinkersGreat Thinkers and Visionaries

GiftedGifted Children

* Hoagies' Gifted Education Page
BUABoston University Academy for gifted children
GiftedGifted Refs
IAAYInstitute for the Academic Advancement of Youth (IAAY)
EPGYEPGY - Edcational Program for Gifted Youth at Stanford
ARCARC - Academic Research Center
Duke TIPTIP (Talent Identification Program), Duke University

[IMAGE] [IMAGE]Mathematics

[IMAGE]History of Mathematics
[IMAGE]Some interesting mathematical references
[IMAGE]Mathematical games and recreations

[IMAGE]Other Educational sources

[IMAGE]Yahoo Education references
oEuropean IQ test (up to 174)
oThe Nine Planets [IMAGE]
oU.S. Department of Education
[IMAGE]The Globewide Network Academy
oK12 Educational Resources
oIdeas and Education
[IMAGE]Virtual Frog Dissection Kit
[IMAGE]History of Technology (ICE)
[IMAGE]Periodic Table of Elements
Dr. Matrix sites of Science Excellence

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